They are witnessing an unexpected elevation of a sloth.

The sloth is known as Charmayanne. S/He belongs to the family of three-toed sloths. All sloths are spending most of their time hanging from tree boughs with its three long, curved claws. The species has a very complicated digestion system that enables it to get enough nutrients out of less nutritious foliage. Sloths defecate only once a week in a hole in the ground dug at the base of a tree. Sloths inhabit tropical forests, but they are in danger of extinction due to deforestation, field burning and forest fires. Charmayanne will rescue them.

"S/He already has put us in touch with feelings we've always been afraid to express."

"It’s crazy how beautiful you can be even though you’re basically alien."

"For us, a safe space will soon be a reality." 

Charmayanne is heading to the Welcome Habitat.

"You have wonderful muscles."