Their slender body twisted limberly.

S/He looked up at them with a smile.

"You will always be my business."

S/He shook their head but had to smile too. 

S/He watched as Vin'yla rolled back again. 

"Scratch my back a little? I'm all itchy from the drying saltwater."

It was an invitation s/he couldn't turn down. The skin of their back was soft and smooth and already lightly tanned. S/He stroked them for a few minutes until Vin'yla looked up at them with glazed eyes.

Vin'yla could feel their heartbeat pounding in their ears.

"Just touch me there a little. I know you would never hurt me." 

S/He looked up and half-smiled tipsily. 

"Okay Vin'nyla," s/he said as s/he rubbed them gently.

S/He giggled.