The visitors think very deeply.

They mistrust poets, because they believe they often speak of things they can't truly know about. They popularise complex ideas.

"Do you think I have a theory? Do you think I am saying, well, this is what that is? I describe, I give examples. You have to describe ways of living in order to be clear about the aesthetic principles."

"In particular, things are changing in a very radical way. I had this very powerful experience, which I've talked about more than once. There, treasury chests were all neatly piled up in one room. At that time, it was very important.  And, and I, I, I just, was a revelation for me because I thought for the first time, I could see how to think. I've never known how, and as I say, there was nothing in the literature that would have taught me how, and so forth. And I thought, Wow, so how, you know, where is the difference between seeing yourself thinking and thinking itself? And that seems to me to be an incredible question. It could never been asked before."