The turbolift doors fail to open properly.

"If you ask me, ..." 

"We're bound to bump into each other all the time."

This feeling's mutual. 

A short time ago they surrendered themselves to the forces of the Galactic Society of Light. At this moment, they are in their protective custody. They assure them that theiy will be treated well as long as they co-operate with their demands. 

"I believe their sincerity." 

"Vin'nyla, what is it?"

"I cannot be sure."

"Does s/he seem familiar?"

S/He reminds them of someone they knew a long time ago.

"There was a young student, ...exceptionally gifted, ...possessing ...great intelligence. S/He was a revolutionary."

"What do you mean?"

"S/He embraced the animal passions of our ancestors."

"Fascinating fantasy."

A fantasy concocted by the dwellers at the Welcome Habistat.

"It is no fantasy! It is real. I tell you exists!"

There are fundamental questions which they have asked ever since they first gazed at the stars and dreamed.

They are ruled by their emotions. They feel with their hearts. They make love with their hearts. They believe with their hearts.

And above all else, they believe in a place in which the questions of existence would be answered.