The restaurant

The technician sits down at a table with Charmayanne. 

Charmayanne breathes tensely. 

"I need more time." 

S/He leans forward. 

"I'm so sick of it here."

S/He stands up and turns to Charmayanne. S/He takes the wine bottle. S/He smiles reassuringly. 

"Talk about it!" 

"For you everything is always black and white."

S/He shakes their head distractedly. Charmayanne nods and leaves their table.

"Maybe something else?" 

S/He smiles. Charmayanne returns and sits down again with them. The two of them talk to each other. Charmayanne pours wine. 

"I sometimes hate people. At least that's what I used to think when my profession was still worth something, and I still think so." 

S/He shakes their head. 

Charmayanne gets elevated.