The pursuit of happiness

is an inalienable right for the dwellers at the Welcome Habitat. 

They developed a peculiar idea about beauty: it is the promise of happiness.

They know that the judgement of taste is not a conclusion.

It is a hypothesis or rather a guess about what will happen when they spend time with an object.

But a promise doesn't have to be kept;

or worse it can be kept and be disappointing; 

or worse it can be kept and is bad for them and they don't know it.

S/He was a hostage of their subconsciousness and complex interrelationships. Now s/he is following a basic principle: get elevated, skip their own thoughts and opinions.

Compulsive elevation caused them to experience fullness in their head.
A day in the intensive care unit is necessary from time to time.

They enter the stairwell. They go upstairs. They walk to the emergency room. The door opens. They sit down on the edge of the bed. They touch them.

"S/He's burning up."
"I'll call the doctor." 
"That doesn't make any sense." 

S/He lifts the covers and s/he picks her up.

"What are you doing?"
"I came to help. I've put them on antivirals."
"Ahh, whatever... I thought you meant to harm them".
"No, I did run a tox screen."
S/He pulls their weapon on them. 
"Tell me, whose life is worth saving, yours or theirs?  

A door opens, it's security. The whole staff is looking through the door, wondering what the hell's going on. S/He pockets their weapon and walks out. 

S/He'll be back.