The engineer doesn't want to say a word after elevating.

"I'm just getting started. And for my next violation, I intend to do something, ... something very big." 

The conversation remains extensively reduced. Then the events unfold.

Just like the birth of a shape-shifter requires the sacrifice of a host, the engineer must sacrifice themself. 

According to Charmayanne their theory cannot explain why engineers tried to send the deadly virus. 

Charmayanne's derives systems and cycles from plants and animals – cicadas, hermit crabs, algae, sting rays, sea squirts, sea sponges, and frogs.⁠ S/He teases the visitors with the dire abjection of plastic evolving from the earthy clay. ⁠

⁠"The ironic choice of plastic takes aim at the conundrum of future evolution," says the fragrance seller of Bhopal.

⁠S/He doesn't care.

"Now continue. Tell them why I came and only retranslate whatever I say."

Charmayanne translates it back. 

They propose a reason why other lifeforms will think like them, in spite of different origins. They think that all problem-solvers, intelligent or not, are subject to the same ultimate constraints – limitations on space, time, and materials. 

The fragrance seller of Bhopal attacks the engineer.