Some of Vin'yla's followers appear.

"The only trouble is, it's up there and we're down here." 

"You might be able to reach it." 

"Some of us get off on long and dangerous climbs." 

"Straight down that tunnel to the hydro vent and turn right, then left at the bluescreen. You can't miss it." 

"You're amazing." 

"Nothing amazing about it."

As s/he turns and walks off in self-congratulation s/he knocks themself out on an overhanging pipe.

Vin'yla's followers secure all levels.

"Look at it this way. We'll get a good workout."

"Yeah, or a heart attack."

"This is going to take me forever."

"Where's Vin'nyla?"

(Vin'nyla appears - downwards! - on elevation boots)

"I believe I have found a faster way. You two go ahead. I'll wait." 

"We're not splitting up."

"It would appear we are too heavy. It's all those marsh melons." 

"Vin'nyla, ...the booster rockets." 

"If I activate them now, we'll be propelled upward at unpredictable rate." 

"Please come back down. Hit the brakes!" 

"I am afraid I overshot the mark by one level." 

"Nobody's perfect." 


The engineer is breathing heavily. Just one sentence can drain them of energy. 

"The star child of the universe. Yours is the only star child that is like our homeworld." 

"What is s/he saying?"

"S/He reveals the valence's true nature." 

S/He asked then where they're from. S/He asked them what's in their cargo. It killed their people. S/He cries out and falls to their knees. 

"You made it here and it was meant for us. Why? I need to know why." 

"What did we do wrong? Why do you hate us?"