The visitor fell in love with a Κέδρος tree.

S/He watched them shiver, no doubt reliving the moment.

"We waited like that for awhile. Neither of us moved except for them gently rubbing my back up and down. When I told them I was ready to try more, they started pushing again. It was... it was insane.'

S/He finally looked over at them again and shook their head with a mix of pride and embarrassment. The motion swung their tentacles gently. "I saw God that night. By the time they finished with me, I was drooling into the pillow."

S/He nodded and downed the rest of their drink.

S/He slapped their arm and giggled. For the first time in a long while, s/he noticed how much brighter their eyes were when s/he laughed.

Some time later, the offspring set out to grow up.