It is unusual for the dwellers to holiday far away,

most stay at the Welcome Habitat. 
There are amusement arcades and candyfloss stalls. 

At a communal dining hall with transparent Aluminium Oxynitrate tables dehydrated space food is served. There are not only three meals a day. There is also daytime activities for both adults and children and of course, evening entertainment. Whilst the adults relax in elevation suits, rented for the day or half day, their kids play.

On Bas Jan Ader's birthday their favourite dish dehydrated Lobster Thermidor had been contaminated with a virus from outer space. They said the virus is a gift. They perform spontaneous elevation as a kind of celebration. They worship the recently reborn shape-shifting artist. They know his work lays within the artist himself. He can represent the act of falling, but never recreate it fully – the air, the fear, the thud to the ground, the cold canal – for his audience.