Feeling the daiquiris a bit too much themself,

Vin'yla let their eyes skim down their slim body yet again.  S/He exhaled slowly and tried not to stare. S/He knew what they looked like. 

Like their first kiss, that had also been their idea. S/He'd just wandered into their bedroom unannounced one afternoon and hauled up their tank top without so much as a warning. S/He swung their torso a little and their tentacles swayed slightly from left to right.

All Vin'yla could do at the time was stare.

"Holy crap. They're... they're..."

"Oh, I knew it... they're deformed aren't they? Does the left one look bigger to you too?"

 "No! No! They're beautiful. They're round and perky and... perfect."


"Really. Now please put those things away before I do something stupid."

"Like what?"

"Like shove my face in them."

"Seriously?" s/he'd laughed.

"Yes. No! I can't think clearly with you standing there."