Emergency channel open.

"To anyone within the sound of my voice."

"We read you. Over." 

"A hostile force has taken control of us and put us on a direct course to the Great Barrier. Our co-ordinates are zero zero zero, mark two. Request emergency assistance."

"Acknowledge. What you fear ...is the unknown. The lifeforms of your planet once believed their world was flat. They said the sound barrier could never be broken. ...It was broken. The Great Barrier is the ultimate expression of this universal fear. It is an extension of personal fear." 

"We are afraid of nothing."

" ...I'm sure you have many questions. Here, ...amidst the stars of our own galaxy, we shall seek the answers together. There's so much I want to tell you."

"Maybe if you can wait until we are a wee bit stronger. I don't think we could take it in our present condition." 

"I so much want your understanding. I want your respect. Are you afraid to hear me out?"

"What is this ...power that you have to control the minds of my crew?" 

"I don't control minds. ...I free them." 


"By making you face your pain and draw strength from it. Once that's done, fear cannot stop you." 

"It sounds like ...brainwashing to me." 

"Your pain is the deepest of all." 


"I can feel it. Can't you?" 

"This is some kind of trick." 

"I've done everything I can do. You've got to hang on."