During a public elevation event

a reenactment of The Painter by Paul McCarthy has been performed at the Welcome Habitat.
The performer is interested in elevation as an expression of beauty. S/He associates elevation with constructing a place, framing, objectively and existence, ordering, substitutes, necessity and absurdity. 
S/He would most likely elevate alone. S/He would begin the actions. S/He would try a number of things. S/He was pretty aware that s/he was actively trying to find something. S/He was experimentative when something seemed to happen. Then s/he would repeat it, refine it. The refining usually meant heightening the experience. S/He would often elevate in front of a camera. S/He got to a point where s/he could elevate for 20 minutes. S/He would bang their outstretched tentacles against the wall, that helped them from getting disorientated and dizzy. The intuitive action to which s/he returned again and again became a commitment. 

S/He thinks that there are moments of resolution in their actions. 
S/He could relate to forgotten memories. 
S/He thinks it has to do with the search for a very basic kind of activity.
S/He thinks beauty is recuperation, satisfied acceptance, as opposed to a fractured sensation and alienation.