Biosafety level 1

The Welcome Habitat is spacious and well lighted up. Zak Qlikman is new at the Welcome Habitat. S/He joins Charmayanne for a drink in the lobby of a huge complex. A display reads: "Late Night LoFi Chill Drone Future Perfect". They proceed to the meeting point. 

"We come from where you want to go."

The engineer stands up struggling to keep their balance. 

"This is not my home world. My home world is paradise," the engineer continous. 

"You have a malicious intent. You give a false sense of security and hide your true intentions. You cannot lie but by not telling the full information you do lie indirectly which is another subtle way of showing your motives." 

"Tell them I have answers." 

As Charmayanne translates everything the engineer looks down upon them. Charmayanne finally finishes translating. "Everything shows," says the fragrance seller of Bhopal. The engineer is annoyed by the hostility and tensions surrounding them. It explodes in a dramatic response to the fragrance seller of Bhopal because of the complexity of their language. Their reply takes nearly thirty minutes to complete and the engineer looks violently exhausted during and after the speech. 

"I think you thought you are the ones who presumably know how to tell the difference between reality and illusion."

Zak Qlikman avoids being squelched under the wheel of the discourse as a result of the prevalent ambiguities.