A gloomy room

Zak Qlikman enters. 

Charmayanne wears a discreet make-up. 

On the ceiling a glaring lamp swings back and forth. 

The engineer fills a water glass. 

Suddendly s/he holds a weapon to Charmayanne's head from behind. Charmayanne gets handcuffed to a chair.  

Breathing heavily Charmayanne looks at the glass. S/He reaches for it. S/He can, must drink.

S/He drinks the glass in one go. S/He struggles for breath and puts the glass down. Their gaze is clear. Slowly the engineer puts the weapon on the table in front of Charmayanne. 

S/He has lied to them from the beginning.

Charmayanne keeps their head lowered, trying to remember. 

It all started in this restaurant.