Chronicles of Alien Dwellers

Their slender body twisted limberly.

S/He looked up at them with a smile.

"You will always be my business."

S/He shook their head but had to smile too. 

S/He watched as Vin'yla rolled back again. 

"Scratch my back a little? I'm all itchy from the drying saltwater."

It was an invitation s/he couldn't turn down. The skin of their back was soft and smooth and already lightly tanned. S/He stroked them for a few minutes until Vin'yla looked up at them with glazed eyes.

Vin'yla could feel their heartbeat pounding in their ears.

"Just touch me there a little. I know you would never hurt me." 

S/He looked up and half-smiled tipsily. 

"Okay Vin'nyla," s/he said as s/he rubbed them gently.

S/He giggled. 

The billboard reads as follows:

Meet the winner of this year's tent pitching competition at the UNBLOCK Fair Art Fair opening.

Friday 10 September from 19:30 

UNBLOCK Fair Art Fair at Genslerstraße 13-13A Berlin 13055

Their destination lies beyond the Great Barrier.

A formerly unknown lifeform requests that they send immediate help. 

"What's the matter?"

"I miss my old chair."

"Is it possible?

"Is what possible?"

"That s/he has found it." 

Vin'yla's bent their tentacles up in the air and swayed them. S/He tried to ignore the way the muscles of their tentacles flexed and shifted.

"So what about you?"

"Not so much."

Photo credit Kiron Guidi

Feeling the daiquiris a bit too much themself,

Vin'yla let their eyes skim down their slim body yet again.  S/He exhaled slowly and tried not to stare. S/He knew what they looked like. 

Like their first kiss, that had also been their idea. S/He'd just wandered into their bedroom unannounced one afternoon and hauled up their tank top without so much as a warning. S/He swung their torso a little and their tentacles swayed slightly from left to right.

All Vin'yla could do at the time was stare.

"Holy crap. They're... they're..."

"Oh, I knew it... they're deformed aren't they? Does the left one look bigger to you too?"

 "No! No! They're beautiful. They're round and perky and... perfect."


"Really. Now please put those things away before I do something stupid."

"Like what?"

"Like shove my face in them."

"Seriously?" s/he'd laughed.

"Yes. No! I can't think clearly with you standing there."

The visitor fell in love with a Κέδρος tree.

S/He watched them shiver, no doubt reliving the moment.

"We waited like that for awhile. Neither of us moved except for them gently rubbing my back up and down. When I told them I was ready to try more, they started pushing again. It was... it was insane.'

S/He finally looked over at them again and shook their head with a mix of pride and embarrassment. The motion swung their tentacles gently. "I saw God that night. By the time they finished with me, I was drooling into the pillow."

S/He nodded and downed the rest of their drink.

S/He slapped their arm and giggled. For the first time in a long while, s/he noticed how much brighter their eyes were when s/he laughed.

Some time later, the offspring set out to grow up. 

S/He pushed.

S/He wiggled. S/He pushed more.  

It didn't feel like they were getting anywhere. They kept trying though, each of them getting more and more excited. Then all of a sudden, a gigantic head popped inside them.

"I remember gasping and clawing at Vin'nyla's shoulders. I... I tensed up." 

S/He falls off having received an electric shock.

Wrong thing to do. It made things worse. S/He felt them straining and s/he waited patiently. 

That when s/he relaxed, it would start to feel good. S/He was totally right, of course.

S/He paused and had another sip of liquid courage. 

S/He was curious where it would all lead.

S/He sipped from their drink as that raunchy morsel sunk into their brain.

S/He was a soaking wet puddle of joy. 

S/He felt their tentacle sliding up along their thigh. S/He pushed forward slowly. So slowly.

It was ridiculous, like getting poked with a warm baseball bat.

The turbolift doors fail to open properly.

"If you ask me, ..." 

"We're bound to bump into each other all the time."

This feeling's mutual. 

A short time ago they surrendered themselves to the forces of the Galactic Society of Light. At this moment, they are in their protective custody. They assure them that theiy will be treated well as long as they co-operate with their demands. 

"I believe their sincerity." 

"Vin'nyla, what is it?"

"I cannot be sure."

"Does s/he seem familiar?"

S/He reminds them of someone they knew a long time ago.

"There was a young student, ...exceptionally gifted, ...possessing ...great intelligence. S/He was a revolutionary."

"What do you mean?"

"S/He embraced the animal passions of our ancestors."

"Fascinating fantasy."

A fantasy concocted by the dwellers at the Welcome Habistat.

"It is no fantasy! It is real. I tell you exists!"

There are fundamental questions which they have asked ever since they first gazed at the stars and dreamed.

They are ruled by their emotions. They feel with their hearts. They make love with their hearts. They believe with their hearts.

And above all else, they believe in a place in which the questions of existence would be answered.