At the Welcome Habitat

an object has simultaneously two different identities.

S/He is delusional because s/he indulged in their shadow life for so long.
S/He is in bed and about to fall asleep when s/he has the distinct impression that s/he is at the ceiling level looking down. S/He is very startled and frightened; immediately s/he feels that s/he is consciously back on the bed again. S/He feels happy to be back again and away from a disturbing elevation experience. S/He is home and safe, even though the images of their unrestful journey do not and will not stop spinning, ever. 


was struck by a cosmic catastrophe in the distant past. Now life forms on Kepler-22b still live underground and breathe carbon dioxide. It is said that they are immortal and do not age. They are also extremely technologically advanced, which allows them to elevate any life form, among other things.

S/He oracles that the universe will change dramatically once the Tannhauser Gate is open.
S/He pushes the button on a remote to arm the security and walks through the gate. 
S/He came to see them. S/He knows they are involved. 

"What do you want?"

S/He is a complex, obsessive individual, given to making connections that may seem tenuous to the rest of them but provide extraordinarily fertile raw material for their work. 
All of their topics are somehow connected, though the result often resembles a kind of organised chaos theory.
They show a deep fascination.
It is purely intellectual curiosity.
They are not concerned. They have learned that there are many factors that have an impact. 

Life is all about the things they never say.
They go on. They have to reap a very substantial harvest of cosmic dust in order to pay the otherwise impossible elevation insurance fees. 

S/He thinks of the problem.

S/He doesn't need words.
S/He uses weird imagery.
S/He is meditating about being and knowing. 
S/He is immersed in the system of categorising extraterrestrial activity and the uplifting feeling during elevation.
S/He dreams s/he would disappear. In their dream s/he is exploring a cosmic forest.
S/He wants to live in a world of advanced technology.
S/He looks at the different sides.

The offering of elevation as a spiritual activity replaces the impulse to find a personal vision. 

During a public elevation event

a reenactment of The Painter by Paul McCarthy has been performed at the Welcome Habitat.
The performer is interested in elevation as an expression of beauty. S/He associates elevation with constructing a place, framing, objectively and existence, ordering, substitutes, necessity and absurdity. 
S/He would most likely elevate alone. S/He would begin the actions. S/He would try a number of things. S/He was pretty aware that s/he was actively trying to find something. S/He was experimentative when something seemed to happen. Then s/he would repeat it, refine it. The refining usually meant heightening the experience. S/He would often elevate in front of a camera. S/He got to a point where s/he could elevate for 20 minutes. S/He would bang their outstretched tentacles against the wall, that helped them from getting disorientated and dizzy. The intuitive action to which s/he returned again and again became a commitment. 

S/He thinks that there are moments of resolution in their actions. 
S/He could relate to forgotten memories. 
S/He thinks it has to do with the search for a very basic kind of activity.
S/He thinks beauty is recuperation, satisfied acceptance, as opposed to a fractured sensation and alienation. 

It’s a pleasant

night at the Welcome Habitat. There’s a cool wind and a luminous moon giving off a soft light that trickles down through the buildings and mixes with the hazy but weak low glow lights outside. 

"Taste Tempting Vanilla Fudge. Visit Our Refreshment Center!"

It’s a bit unsettling because it’s deep night — the time when shape-shifter come out to do their thing.

"Look, I'm truly sorry but there's really not a lot I can do now."

S/He was occupied with humoral pathology. Their assistant which s/he calls Pencil implements a bidirectional type inference algorithm exploiting both inferred and expected types during elevation.

Later when one of, with improved technology elevated life forms was interviewed, s/he said elevation stands for the unstoppable lust for life.

The curtain defines a threshold

like a spiritual object, a threshold between a dweller and a visitor at the Welcome Habitat. The curtain serves to heighten a sense of anticipation and expectation and it makes ugly things beautiful. 

"I imagine some of you have questions of our visitor," s/he said, breaking the ice. 

S/He answered all questions with a minimum of words. 

"I noticed their smile, I think, when I asked them the question about feeling anything. Did you see it?"
"Do you think they were delusional or was it real?"
"It certainly felt real to them."

"An elevation experience is ubiquitous."
"But elevation with others?"
"I could see you are skeptical, maybe cynical?"