They hold each other's tentacles tightly.

But polymers, not love, are the centre of life.

A technican clone is walking quickly down the corridor. S/He searches for the room, the Fragrance seller from Bhopal is supposed to be in. S/He turns off the security alarm. Their communication device rings.

"Everything will be alright."

S/He walks up the stairs, opens the front door and goes inside. There in a community sort of room, a group of technicians is hanging out there. S/He looks across from the room to a door and s/he sees a note card that says FRAGRANCE SELLER FROM BHOPAL. S/He opens the door. S/He looks inside. There's a life form in an exoskeleton. The life form looks back at them.

"Fragrance seller from Bhopal?"


S/He walks into the room.

"Are you the new doctor?

"No, I'm not." 

"Were you looking for me?"

"Not until now."

"Do you know anything about pharmaceuticals?"

"Medicinal or ... recreational?"

"There's two prescriptions on the med charts."

"Do you want to talk about your transition?"

"Not now. I am going to start my beauty sleep.

"Your beauty sleep? Why is that?"

"Shape shifting has already taken years off my appearance.

Welcome Habitat homeowners

know they are seen, sustained and wrapped in love.

"When I saw you on that beautiful, mild autumn day, it was hard for me to imagine you in a place in such a makeshift state."

"Things are not so motionless."

They shake their limbs. 

S/He holds on to them and turns them causing them to flop down on the floor. 

"Sometimes you don't want to see everything as positive 24/7. Sometimes you want to wallow in all the crap and in a little self-pity, until you notice how stupid it is and you can get yourself up again and just keep going."

"I'd love to go nuts, but someone at home has to pretend it's all perfectly normal."

S/He is in a king size bed, sleeping. 

They look through the glass door. They are worried. They walk in.

They take the green stuff in the vial out of their pocket and wonder if they should tell them. They put it away and walk on.

S/He woke up. S/He looks down. A hand reaches out and touches their shoulder. S/He looks up. 

S/He stands up and hugs them. S/He caresses their forehead and kisses them.

"I'll see you tomorrow, okay?"

S/He nods yes.  

They all know

how awesome elevation is. But for some it is an injury waiting to happen due to the lack of the technical expertise required and even the best of them in a moment of lack of concentration or high physical exertion have the capacity to loose focus and bang it goes. It penetrated their left side, ripped into their brain. Strangely enough they did not even have lost consciousness. They are now at the point where they have finally found these messages in the collected cosmic dust. Their ability to parse volumes of particles in mere seconds means they can conceivably survey more astronomical events in the coming years. Most of their findings have no source at all in an external visual reality. They rather stand for virtues such as order, purity, simplicity and spirituality.

A well-travelled life form then describes from their own experience the simple elevation device of the Tardigrada, in contrast to the sofisticated system at the Welcome Habitat. Naturally, there are good reasons for this assessment: one of them is sheer arrogance.

But s/he has no doubts. S/He wallows in memories. S/He starts listening to a sonification of CIA UFO documents.


Meet the fragrance seller from Bhopal+++Tardigrada survived the void+++CIA releases entire collection of UFO-related documents to truth-seeking website+++ 

NOW AVAILABLE! shape shifter paper sculpture (video)! PM for info 

It's a feast

for the cosmic dust sifters when meteor showers occur. And it is also the number one attraction for visitors at the Welcome Habitat, yet they are difficult to observe. The main factor is that the display of strong activity only has a duration of about 30 seconds. The reason the peak is so short is due to the shower’s thin stream of particles and the fact that their planet crosses the stream at a dihedral angle. 

No lifeforms were hit when the last meteor exploded in the sky over the Welcome Habitat. The fireball was caught on video. A team of amateur scientists has serendipitously solved the old mystery of the missing matter long predicted to exist in the universe but never before detected. The researchers have now found all of the missing normal matter in the vast space between two facilities at the Welcome Habitat.

The meteorite probably weighed about 12,000–13,000 metric tonnes, and measured 17 to 20 m in diameter before it exploded, scientists were quick to point out that it was very small compared to other objects that could potentially hit the Welcome Habitat. Metamaterials have been recovered with material compositions that are exceptionally expensive to replicate. This information stems from a briefing they did to get more funding.


promised to the Tardigrada a fortune in the advertising industry. They are sought-after models for presenting home improvement products especially for the bathroom.

While it may look like it’s all glitz and glamour, the life of an advertising icon is filled with everything from early morning call times, to scheduling coffee dates, to late night castings. In between a hectic schedule it can be difficult to find time to fit in the necessities like eating regularly and healthily, working out, grooming and spending downtime with friends and family. To live a balanced life is why most Tardigrada only work as models for a very short time. 

Their preferred occupation is to operate as an active cosmic dust collector. Navigating through the cosmic debris is a passion of the heart for these swifter sifters. They are supposed to function as a combination of an in-situ dust trajectory sensor together with a dust collector consisting of aerogel. They hope to tremendously improve future dust collection in interplanetary space. Statistically significant numbers of interstellar dust particles can thus be collected in interplanetary space. The impact position on the collector can be determined with better than 1 mm precision. They know their trade.

Work is one of the great overlooked subjects of the Interstallarcene, always in the background, always necessary, sometimes fervently desired, at other times roundly disdained, frequently a source of tension and unhappiness, but considered as one of the key influences on their inner lives. But visitors were habitually uninterested in what the dwellers were doing for a living.