There is a conspiracy happening at the Welcome Habitat.

Some pretend to know the secret of infinite beauty and happiness.

It all started when alien archaeologists deciphered an inscription on the wall of a beauty parlour several billion years old.
It reads as follows:  
"when you go in .manipulates .of a thousand bottles for guests done but I am getting the balloon for ,their ,happiness so.
does this.
 ,I'm a different.
so I had one is that high and they my I need to do their biggest by social .credit.
I ,was thinking.
as ,well."

At first contact,

The Visitors mistook a wild boar for a human. 

Thanks to Mini Matika for reporting the observation and taking the photo.

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It is unusual for the dwellers to holiday far away,

most stay at the Welcome Habitat. 
There are amusement arcades and candyfloss stalls. 

At a communal dining hall with transparent Aluminium Oxynitrate tables dehydrated space food is served. There are not only three meals a day. There is also daytime activities for both adults and children and of course, evening entertainment. Whilst the adults relax in elevation suits, rented for the day or half day, their kids play.

On Bas Jan Ader's birthday their favourite dish dehydrated Lobster Thermidor had been contaminated with a virus from outer space. They said the virus is a gift. They perform spontaneous elevation as a kind of celebration. They worship the recently reborn shape-shifting artist. They know his work lays within the artist himself. He can represent the act of falling, but never recreate it fully – the air, the fear, the thud to the ground, the cold canal – for his audience.

S/He migrated to the TRAPPIST-1 System

with a group of various life forms. A red dwarf at the center of this system possesses a whopping seven habitable planets in its orbit — three of which reside in the Goldilocks zone.
The Welcome Habitat there is a very fertile environment whose inhabitants are extremely reserved towards strangers.

“It’s alien pond scum. Too much biology all over."
"They don't work for a living and have a huge desire for recreation."

One day s/he discovered nitrogen triiodide and fulminating silver. They explode as soon as they are touched, turning into clouds of brightly-colored smoke. This was the starting point for their family business in the entertainment industry.


they walk down the hallway and hear a weapon click. A weapon is pointed at them. They stop.
A door opens. They both look. 
The person walks toward them. 
"Stop right there!

They freeze. They drop their vials to put both hands on their weapons. The vials drop to the floor and scatter. 
"Get out of here!"
S/He picks up the one undamaged vial.
 S/He takes off down the other way in the hallway.  
"Stop right there!"
The bullets go right through them. Green oozes out of the holes. S/He runs down the hallway. S/He turns around. Their eyes start to water. S/He drops the weapon, gasps and grabs their eyes.

It is a new beginning.

The Taniyama-Shimura-Iwasawa biocluster created a unifying language that serves as an alternative to set theory, as well as providing an explanation for the geometry of large-scale structures.

As more and more dwellers embrace the idea of large-scale structures, related research is accelerating. Certainly, imagining a vast arrangement of utterly gigantic structures in which galaxies are embedded paints a very different picture of the universe, and one that makes one wonder if these structures are themselves embedded in something even larger. 

"Whatever it is, it is already present in some amount since ever."
"I already presented all this information to the board. I have to tell you that they are greatly concerned that you are drawing your own conclusions." 
"Do you think I don't want what's best?"
"I'm saying I'm getting wildly differing reports. I have a job to do. I'm not the ultimate authority here, but neither do you have the authority."
"What do you want me to tell them you're doing now?"
"I don't know yet, but I will."

S/He leaves.